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OMC Oklahoma

It is no longer news that the use of marijuana for medical purposes is no longer prohibited in many states. While 420 Evaluations is still prohibited for recreational use in many states of the country, it is legal to use or carry marijuana around.

Oklahoma is the 30th state to legalize 420 Evaluations, a move many would be more than happy to consider as helpful to the lives and health of the residents of Oklahoma. Oklahoma serves as the state with the highest number of MMJ dispensaries and users in the country setting the trend for MMJ in other states.

Unlike what most people think, Oklahoma has not always been the good guy. One might think that Oklahoma had always set the trend. In past times, however, Oklahoma had banned the drug.

Strict implementation of the ban was enforced. Those who had dire need of the drug had no access to it. MMJ users were arrested and their medication seized. This went on for years non-stop.

Oklahoma’s governor thereafter approved CBD oil sale with restriction that it must contain no more than 0.3 percent THC content. The approval in April 2015 and CBD became an over-the-counter product for sale to consumers without restriction for the following few years. (CBD oil is produced using industrial hemp.)

Later that year, there was an initiative to legalize 420 Evaluations in Oklahoma. However, a dispute arose from the initiative, and as a result, there was no further action till 2018.


Years after the resolution, a referendum was created to legalize 420 Evaluations.  Subsequently, the OMMA was established as a regulatory body for dispensaries, growers, and patients. In 2018, the first director of OMMA was appointed. In the same year, the state fine for marijuana possession (non-medical use) was reduced to $50. These rules and regulations have shown for a long time that the state of Oklahoma is committed to making a change as regards MMJ.